Excavation & Demolition

65 Years of Experience

Excavation & Demolition

Valley Earthworks has 65 years of experience in the excavation and demolition industries. We’re proud of our wealth of experience, and our motto is “Precision Drainage and Excavation Excellence Since 1956” to illustrate this. We are the trusted earthwork business in Belview, MN. Contact us today to get a free estimate and start down the path of finishing your project!

Valley Earthworks Excavator

What Can Valley Earthworks Clients Expect?

  • Thorough Pre-Construction Planning
  • Reassuring Project Management
  • Tech-Aided Automated Grade Control
  • Comprehensive Excavating & Demolition

Move Your Project Forward with Valley Earthworks

Our team is committed to providing the best quality project execution, and that dedication starts with the safety and expertise of each project.

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Our Equipment

In order to establish and maintain a successful excavation business, it's necessary to invest equally in the appropriate people and the correct equipment. We've invested just as much money into our maintenance and modernized facilities to ensure our fleet is always ready to go.

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Custom Solutions

Every project has its own set of difficulties and demands, from difficult site conditions to tight deadlines. Here at Valley Earthworks, we collaborate with you and your customers to find the optimal solution to achieve your objectives and exceed expectations.

Our People

Even the most advanced machinery is useless if trained professionals do not operate it, and even the most competent workers will fail to complete their tasks without competent supervision. This is why the people at Valley Earthworks are the driving force behind our success. 

Start your project

Off on the right foot

We'd love to help you make your vision a reality. Schedule a call to discuss the details of your project and find out how we can help.

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