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When you think about agricultural tiling systems or roads, you might not think twice about the materials. After all, unlike residential or commercial buildings, aesthetic considerations are not at the top of your list of concerns. However, the materials you use in any construction project are vital for ensuring its function and longevity.

Materials make all the difference

Your tiling or road might not have to be pretty, but it needs to be functional above anything else. It needs to withstand years of heavy equipment, continual use, and exposure to the elements without degrading.

What happens if you use subpar materials in your construction projects? Low-quality materials just don’t last as long, especially when subjected to constant use. Roads crumble and become impassable, hindering your ability to transport equipment and goods around your property. Drainage pipes corrode and leak, waterlogging your fields and potentially destroying acres of crops. The only solution is to pay to completely replace your roads or drain tiles, costing thousands of dollars in extra costs.

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Our Products

Complete your project with peace of mind

Valley Earthworks sells the highest quality dirt works products to help protect your investment and ensure your project remains operational for years to come. We offer granite aggregate, gravel aggregate, and drain tile and fittings that guarantee the success of any construction project.

Granite Aggregate

Granite aggregate is not only highly functional and affordable but also aesthetically attractive. Reasons to consider granite aggregate for your next project include the following:

  • Its durability: Granite is one of the hardest rocks in nature and can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Its price: Granite aggregate is inexpensive compared to other construction materials
  • Its eco-footprint: Quarrying granite does not use excessive resources, and the granite can be reused across multiple different projects
  • Its beauty: Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and may contain luminous crystal fragments

At Valley Earthworks, we offer high-quality granite aggregate at some of the most affordable prices you’ll find.

Gravel Aggregate

Gravel can be used to add friction to a dirt road or strengthen concrete for various roadworks and infrastructure projects. In fact, building roads would be nearly impossible without gravel aggregate. One estimate shows that a single mile of 4-lane highway uses more than 18,000 standard dump truck loads worth of gravel.

Trust Valley Earthworks’ gravel aggregate to help you build stronger, safer roads on your property.

Drain Tile & Fittings

We work with our suppliers to keep a large inventory of tile pipe and fittings on hand so that we're not waiting for materials for your project. We have a small inventory of tile products as well and use only the highest quality products to ensure the success of your project.

Don’t compromise on quality.

Call Valley Earthworks today.

Farmers in and around Belview, Minnesota, trust Valley Earthworks to supply the expertise and products they need to complete construction projects on their property successfully. Secure high-quality materials for your next project today at Valley Earthworks.

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