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Valley Earthworks is your trusted partner for all your drainage needs. Our team of experts is committed to providing top-notch services that ensure efficient water management on your property. With our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, we are here to help you with drain tile installation, tile repair, and tile main installation.

Drain Tile Installation

The benefits of drain tile are continually proven; the earlier planting dates, higher yields, and better soil saturation/fertilizer applications are all great reasons to tile. The return on your investment with tiling is one of the fastest in the agricultural sector. From full pattern tile projects to adding a line or two, we can handle all of your installation needs with the most efficient, functioning and cost-effective plans possible. We implement the newest technology into our equipment which allows us to install tile with less excavation as well as fewer passes across your field, ultimately helping limit the possibility of compaction.

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Tile Main Installation

Tile mains, also known as collector drains, are the most important part of a tile drainage system. Mains that are undersized or poor quality can render the rest of a tile system ineffective. The main is what directs all of the water collected from smaller tile lines or intakes in your field, away from your property into a proper watershed.

Installing tile mains requires careful planning, as we take into consideration factors such as land topography, water volume to be managed, and the desired outlet location. We install our mains in a number of ways including excavation digging and plow installing. We have the tools, materials and talented professionals to tackle any size project, leaving your property just as tidy and well-maintained as we found it.

Tile Repair

It’s normal for tile mains and drain tiles to experience wear and tear or damage over a period of time due to soil shifting, root intrusion, or other factors. When you notice signs of a compromised drainage system, it's important to promptly address the issue to prevent further damage. Root intrusion in tile mains is less common than compared to drain tiles, as they're at a lower elevation and are less accessible to roots, but root intrusion can still occur.

Some signs of a failing tile system can include pooling water around intakes, sink holes showing up after rains, or standing water long after the neighboring fields have dried out. Addressing these symptoms as fast as possible will allow your field to maintain its maximum potential yield.

At Valley Earthworks, we offer professional tile repair services to restore the functionality of your drainage system and our skilled technicians will assess the problem and provide an effective solution. We use specialized equipment and techniques to make sure your drainage system operates as intended.

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